Travel Medicine

Travel Medicine
We now offer various travel vaccinations!
This includes, but not limited to Dukoral (Cholera and Traveller's Diarrhea), YF-Vax (Yellow Fever), Menactra/Menveo/Nimenrix (Meningococcal Meningitis), Typhim Vi and Vivotif (Typhoid), Twinrix and Twinrix Jr (Hep A and B), Avaxim and Havrix Jr (Hepatitis A). We are a Health Canada Approved location for the Yellow Fever vaccination and can provide international certificates for those traveling to endemic areas. In addition to vaccinations, there are some prescription medications that you may need for malaria prevention (such Chloroquine, Mefloquine, and Malarone) or altitude sickness (Acetazolamide).You can book an appointment at our affiliated travel clinic for a virtual assessment with a travel physician, who will then fax the prescription to our pharmacy for your convenience. Please note that travel medicine fees are not covered by OHIP, but might be covered by private insurance companies.

You can book your appointment online at the travel clinic website ( ) or email them directly if you have any questions (

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the medications or vaccines that you may need before your trip.
Phone: (905) 597-2444

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