Pharmacist Professional Services

Pharmacist Professional Services
Various pharmacy services from your pharmacist
Various services including med check, smoking cessation, diabetes

Smoking Cessation

Come to our pharmacy and talk to our pharmacists about smoking cessation! You could be one of the smokers who quit smoking with our certified pharmacists help.

Duration : 20 minuets

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certified diabetes educator

We can help you with treatment options, teach you how to start insulin and monitor your blood sugar levels. we can also help you with lifestyle measures to compliment your medication therapy.

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Medication Review

Free for Ontario residents. A private consultation with our pharmacist to review all of your prescription and over-the-counter medications, as well as natural health products.

Duration : 30 minutes

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Medication Manager

Complementary service. We manage your medications for you in convenient weekly blister packs. A safe and effective approach to managing complex medication regimen.

blood pressure monitoring

Complementary use of our on-site blood pressure monitoring machine.